PowerSpy measurement unit
PowerSpy analysis software
PowerSpy analysis software
Powerspy analysis software
PowerSpy analysis software
PowerSpy platform
PowerSpy measurement unitReal-time acquisition and transfer of U/I waveforms through Bluetooth

This product is an advanced energy analyzer, with performance and features unmatched on the market.



Ultra-flexible and powerful


  • One device, 2 modes : Autonomous data logging mode, or real time mode
  • In data logging mode, periodic measurement of U, I, P (RMS and peak to peak) and line frequency, storage on internal memory (4 GB), CSV export
  • In a real time mode, a real oscilloscope : U, I and P waveforms, RMS and peak, Q, S, power factor, crest factor, frequency, THD, automatic triggering or on threshold (U, I or P)
  • Advanced triggering, period per period calculated RMS values or U, I and P
  • Statistics, energy accumulation, U/I curve, HTML configurable reports
  • Harmonic analysis and automatic comparison with IEC IEC 61000-3-2 v2.2 Classes A, B, C et D)



1st February 2011 : ALCIOM win the "Fibre de l'Innovation 2011" prize, granted by Optics'Valley, for its PowerSpy product

"Maintes fois nous avons fait appel à Alciom pour des développements de projets spécifiques. Nous avons aussi fait l'acquisition du PowerSpy. C'est un équipement très simple d'emploi, qui nous permet de faire des diagnostics consommation de manière rapide et pertinente."

Philippe Matillon, Direction Innovation & Architecture Services, Ingénierie Produits Fixes, Bouygues Télécom, France


"Nous utilisons très souvent le PowerSpy pour nos développements d'alimentation et à chaque fois on se dit que c'est génial!"
Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel


The powerSpy2 analyzer can be used either in real time mode or in data logging mode. In order to facilitate the analysis of the generated log files, ALCIOM has developped the PowerLog windows software.


This software, freely available to PowerSpy2 users, has the following features :

  • Automated import of PowerSpy2 log files
  • Interactive plot of voltage, current, power, peak and RMS, frequency)
  • User selection of the time area to analyze
  • Automated selection of time areas based on multicriteria (overvoltage, voltage dips, frequency variation out of limits, current or power peaks, etc)
  • Automated calculation of integral measurements on selected areas
  • Statistics
  • Data and chart export

This software as well as its user manual are available in the download section.



You can order the PowerSpy2 from the following distributors


 lextronic    Testoon          


and EU Countries





Available files for downloading

Installation and user manual, version 01.01 (French version)

rl1236-004 powerspy2 manuel utilisateur v0101.pdf

Installation and user manual, version 01.01 (English version)

rl1236-004 powerspy2 user manual v0101.pdf
PowerLog complementary software user manual (french version) ALTD1414-002 PowerLog Manuel utilisateur Fr V1.pdf

PowerSpy software V2.03 beta for windows XP/VISTA/7, french version


PowerLog software V1.3 beta for windows XP/VISTA/7

Install PowerLog v1.3_beta.zip

Powerspy software 2.02 for Windows XP/VISTA/7, French version (usable in mode demonstration without any PowerSpy interface)


Powerspy software V2.02 for Windows XP/VISTA/7, English version (usable in mode demonstration without any PowerSpy interface)


CE Certificate of conformity (electrical safety)

powerspy2 ce conformity.pdf  

Powerspy Protocol Specification

LG0838-003 powerspy protocol specification 1G.pdf