The Smart488 interface
Plotter emulation
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Plug'N Play under Windows
Plug'N Play under Linux
The Smart488 interfaceA low cost and robust GPIB interface


ALCIOM's Smart488 is a low cost USB/IEEE488 (GPIB) interface, enabling remote control of virtually any GPIB compatible equipment, or simply to download screen shots through an open-source plotter emulation software.


Simple and flexible

  • Plug'n'play installation
  • Transparent mode, for an immediate dialog with one GPIB equipment
  • Addressed mode, for a dialog with a given equipment on a bus (up to 3 equipments)
  • GPIB controller, with listener and talker functions
  • Seen as a virtual serial port from the PC
  • Throughput up to 300Kbps (depending on the GPIB peripheral)
  • Numerous configuration parameters for advanced users




You can order the smart488 from the following distributors

France & Europe






Download area

 Installation and user manual, version 3C (French)

al0727-004 smart488 manuel utilisateur v0305.pdf

Installation and user manual, version 3C (English)

al0727-004 smart488 user manual v0305.pdf

CE Certificate of conformity

cc-08-029.pdf 511.23 KB

Plug&play drivers for Windows XP and Vista

INF (Driver).zip 3.42 KB

Labview example 8.84 KB

TeratermPro terminal emulation sofware

Teraterm Pro

KE5FX GPIB toolkit and plotter emulator

KE5FX GPIB toolkit

Compatibility list

smart488 compatibility 1a.pdf