Low cost USB/IEEE488 interface
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The Smart488 interface
Plotter emulation
LabView compatible
Plug'N Play under Windows
Plug'N Play under Linux
The Smart488 interfaceA low cost and robust GPIB interface


ALCIOM's Smart488 is a low cost USB/IEEE488 (GPIB) interface, enabling remote control of virtually any GPIB compatible equipment, or simply to download screen shots through an open-source plotter emulation software.

Simple and flexible
  • Plug'n'play installation
  • Transparent mode, for an immediate dialog with one GPIB equipment
  • Addressed mode, for a dialog with a given equipment on a bus (up to 3 equipments)
  • GPIB controller, with listener and talker functions
  • Seen as a virtual serial port from the PC
  • Throughput up to 300Kbps (depending on the GPIB peripheral)
  • Numerous configuration parameters for advanced users


  • Compatible Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Linux
  • Compatible with the vast majority of GPIB equipments
  • IEEE488.2 and USB2.0 Full Speed compatible
  • Usable with any development tool, like any serial port
  • Example supplied for Labview (National Instruments)
  • Compatible with talk-only or listen-only devices
  • Compatible with a free HP7470A plotter software
  • Powered by the USB bus, requires less than 100mA.
  • Shielded housing, high immunity to EMC perturbations
  • Electronics embedded inside an industrial grade IEEE488 connector
  • Built in 2 meter shielded USB cable
  • Monochip design, for a maximal reliability