Here under our certification, proof of our expertise level and commitment to excellence.


Since October 2011, ALCIOM has been certified as a Contract Research Company (SRC). This label is awarded by BPI France to private structures that generate more than 50% of their revenue in the form of R&D contracts for third parties and, above all, invest in the development of their own skills through strong internal R&D.

ALCIOM thus joins the circle of 31 French companies with this label of excellence and is now a member of the ASRC.


Thanks to its strong research and development potential, ALCIOM is approved for the french Research Tax Credit by the Ministry of Research and New Technologies (approval obtained in 2003, since renewed). Through this program, the R&D services provided by ALCIOM may, under certain conditions, be taken into account for this tax reduction.

Certificates Link
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.R. 2013-2014 CIR 2013-14.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.R. 2015-2017 CIR 2015-2017.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.R. 2018-2020 CIR 2018-2020.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.R. 2021-2023 CIR 2021-2023.jpg


As a company carrying out work to design prototypes or pilot installations of new products on behalf of companies, ALCIOM received, on 25 March 2014, approval for the french Innovation Tax Credit from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Thus, french customers will be able to declare the amounts of innovation activities eligible for the innovation tax credit.

Certificats disponibles en téléchargement Lien
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.I. 2013-2014 CII 2013-14.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.I. 2015-2017 CII 2015-2017.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.I. 2018-2020 CII 2018-2020.jpg
Certificat d’accréditation au titre du C.I.I. 2021-2023 CII 2021-2023.jpg


ALCIOM is an expert center approved by the JESSICA / CAPTRONIC network. As such, ALCIOM can be mandated by JESSICA France to support an SME for any innovative electronic project, for technical expertise or project support. ALCIOM’s services are then largely subsidised by this association within the framework of the french CAP’TRONIC programme (up to 12000EUR of subsidy, coverage of 25 to 75% depending on the degree of progress of the project).

ALCIOM is also an expert with BPI France, and a member of OpticsValley (winner of the 2011 Fibre de l’Innovation Award).

Contact us for any further information on the services potentially eligible for this assistance.


ALCIOM is listed at Datadock as a certified training organisation since November 2019!

But what is Datadock?

It is the platform on which training organisations must justify the quality of their training courses. Concretely, the 20 OPCA have worked together to define 21 indicators that will allow to judge the respect of the 6 following criteria by the FOs:

Precise identification of the training objectives and its adaptation to the trained public
The adaptation of the reception, pedagogical monitoring and evaluation systems to the trainee population.
Adequacy of the pedagogical, technical and supervisory means to the training offer
The professional qualification and further training of the persons in charge of the training courses
The conditions for informing the public about the training offer, the time limits for access and the results obtained.
Taking into account the assessments made by the trainees

We therefore had to respond to the 21 indicators by providing supporting documents via the Datadock platform. The aim was to enable the OPCA to find all this information in one and the same place, and thus to be able to judge the quality of the FOs and decide whether or not to reference the FO in their training catalogue.


ALCIOM is a company certified and referenced by many leading suppliers, a guarantee of technological expertise but also and above all of a privileged support.

In March 2019, ALCIOM joined Semtech’s Design Partner program and is helping to make projects using LoRa technologies a reality.

ALCIOM is one of the two French companies accredited by ANALOG DEVICES INC for the implementation of its Low Power RF solutions. ALCIOM also has many years of experience in the implementation of mixed signal components and signal processing processors from this manufacturer.

ALCIOM is the only French company accredited as an RF Design Partner by MICROCHIP, thanks to our very broad expertise including low-cost Wifi / Zigbee / ISM embedded systems, but also associated antennas and ultra-low power technologies. ALCIOM is also one of the 5 French companies certified as Premier Design Partners by this manufacturer.

ALCIOM is accredited for the implementation of PSoC mixed signal solutions and CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTORS USB products (including CapSense capacitive detection applications). ALCIOM is one of only two French companies to have a Gold level certification from this manufacturer.


ALCIOM is an active member of the Wize Alliance, co-founded by GrDF, Suez Environnement and SagemCom. This alliance brings together the players involved in the development and deployment of the Wize IoT very long range communication technology. ALCIOM participated in the specification of this protocol, and developed the first very high-performance “software defined radio” modem for this technology.

ALCIOM is a member of the BLUETOOTH SIG. Also note our training sessions on this technology.