Looking for a parner to evaluate the feasibility of a new concept and propose innovative solutions ? Looking for an expert to leverage your internal R&D or for an independant technical assessment ?

ALCIOM’s experts, with a world-class expertise in mixed-signal electronics (wireless, signal processing, fast electronics, ultra-low power designs) can help you.

ALCIOM is also a design house, and can develop your electronic devices as an external R&D facility, up to industrialisation.


ALCIOM can provide you with its advice and expertise in a very flexible way depending on the constraints of your projects:

  • Specific advice to solve a development problem

  • Technological brainstorming with your teams to identify innovative solutions

  • Preliminary studies (assistance for specification phase, feasibility and architectural studies, energy budget, cost estimations)

  • Contractual research (search for solutions for new problems, beyond the state of the art)

  • Design review (review of architecture, schematics, placement, routing, validation plans), evaluation of documentation quality)

  • Impedance matching and performance measurement of on-board antennas, pre-certification measurement according to the harmonized standards of the RED Directive

  • Assistance to project management (calls for tenders, assistance in negotiation, assistance in project management, support for acceptance phase)


For french SMEs and start-ups, possibility of partial financing of the cost of our consulting and support services within the framework of the CAPTRONIC programme


RF and microwaves

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Transmitting/receiving chains from 0 to 100GHz, ISM bands, VHF transceivers 169MHz Wize, LPWAN LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M networks, 2G/3G/4G cellular, RFID, ZigBee, Thread, Bluetooth / Bluetooth low energy, Wifi, UWB, specific developments or OEM modules.

Antenna design and optimization

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Wires, patch, ceramics, FEKO simulation tools (3D multi-method), SONNET (3D planar), Microwave Office / VSS, impedance matching, performance measurements

Micro-controllers and embedded PC

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Microchip, Cypress, NXP, Texas Instruments, ARM, Analog Devices, Renesas, Silicon Laboratories, Compulab…

Signal acquisition and processing

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

From high-resolution 24-bit ADC to fast 1Gsps ADC, fast DAC, digital filtering, signal conditioning, PSoCs.

Fast electronics

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

FPGA, DSP, bus LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet, digital video, PCI/PXI, SERDES.

Signal generation

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

DDS, PLL synthesizers, arbitrary generators, I/Q modulation, microwave architectures.

Low level signals

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Biological, optoelectronic, mechanical and environmental sensors.


Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

USB2/3, Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet, field buses, PCI, IEEE488…

Real-time embedded software

Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Assembly, C, C++, micro-kernels, Matlab/Scilab, LabView, Labwindows CVI…


Since 2003, ALCIOM has provided its technological expertise to more than 150 startups and SMEs, but also to major groups such as AIRBUS, BOUYGUES TELECOM, EDF, GrDF, SUEZ, SCHLUMBERGER, ORANGE LABS, CEA, VALEO, SAFRAN. Some examples of our interventions in the field of the occasional contribution of expertise:

  • For an automotive equipment manufacturer: Technological analysis of in-situ measurement equipment and recommendations for improving its intrinsic performance in collaboration with internal design teams. Improved performance and temperature stability by a factor of 10 at a negligible extra cost

  • For a very long-range remote reading system: Comparative study of technologies and products on the market, technological recommendations for a more flexible and efficient product, industrial support and regular technical expertise for more than 10 years.

  • For a startup in the field of dematerialization of payments: technological brainstorrming, which has led to a particularly innovative and simple technological solution, support for its development and industrialization

  • For a telecommunications operator: Comparative technological study of powerline transmission technologies and strategic recommendations, strategic monitoring, ad hoc support for innovation teams