How to offer you innovative and efficient solutions, and above all reduce risks and time-to-market for the development of your products? By clearing the ground ahead! For this, ALCIOM carries out major R&D work year after year. The result of this work is both a set of technological building blocks, in particular by our SmartBricks modules, but also a constantly renewed know-how for our teams.


Many of ALCIOM’s R&D projects relating to radiofrequency architectures have been implemented in the form of SmartBricks modules. These SmartBricks have been used, in the form of modules or by cut and paste of their architecture, in many of our customers’ projects: SDR architectures, specific front-end, test tools, etc.


In all transparency, here are some non-exhaustive examples of areas in which ALCIOM has carried out upstream R&D work.

eN:Base : A scalable connected device platform using a NB-IoT network, powered by a solar panel and supercap and/or Li-SOCl2 battery

STARV : Simulation and experimentation of V-band waveguide devices (50-75GHz) using low-cost technology (3D plastic printing)

FAST-EMC : Detailed study of the impact of ESD protections and common mode filtering on the performance of fast digital interfaces (Gigabit Ethernet and USB3)

AUTOMATCH : Feasibility study, model and characterization of a very low cost adaptive tuning circuit for embedded antennas. This project has already had two industrial applications.

TRF2G4 : Architecture study, modeling and characterization of a bidirectional and transparent frequency translation architecture from/to the 2.4GHz band. This work has already had several industrial applications in frequency bands from 500MHz to 4.4GHz.

ANTENNA3D : Simulation and experimentation of technological solutions allowing to realize 3D antennas in rapid prototyping, by combining 3D printing and metal patches.

BRUSHDRIVE : Design and development of a 24V brushless motor driver up to 2500W, 100A peak, without sensor (shaft position localization by back-EMF)