ALCIOM is the representative for France of COMPULAB, one of the worldwide leaders of Computer-On-Module (COM), with more than 100 000 modules produced every year.

The COMPULAB offer includes compact, cost-effective and fully configurable processor modules from the CM-SOM-iMX6UL (NXP i.MX6UL processor at 528MHz, up to 1GB of DDR3 and 32GB of eMMC flash, Wifi and integrated Bluetooth, Ethernet, USBx5, CANx2, 68x36mm, from $26) to the CM-SOM-iMX8 (NXP i.MX8M at 1.5GHz, up to 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB of eMMC flash, 4K video and 3D accelerator GC7000Lite, Gbit Ethernet, USB3, Wifi 802.11ac and Bluetooth). See the detailed product offer on

The main advantages of this approach? A product cost that is often lower than a specific development, a very significant reduction in development costs and risks, the availability of pre-configured operating systems, an increased product compactness, an easy scalability by changing the processor module and a scalable architecture that allows the same processor module to be maintained from the model to the final product.

To start the development, complete evaluation kits are available, including in particular a service to configure the operating system of your choice (Linux, Android, Windows,…) for the support of a specific LCD screen as well as direct technical support for one year. These kits are fully refundable for 45 days in case of non-complete satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us to advise you on the most suitable configuration for your application.

Custom baseboards

In addition to the CoM modules of the CM-XXX families, LCompulab offers development base boards to accommodate these modules and connect conventional peripherals via standard connectors (RJ45, USB, etc.): The SB-XXX range.

Nevertheless, in most cases, the development of a welcome card optimized for the final application is more interesting:

  • Type and position of input/output connectors adapted to the design and constraints of the product

  • Optimized power supply

  • Integration of application-specific electronic functions

  • Etc…

ALCIOM, as Compulab’s representative for France but also as a design house, is of course at your disposal to assist you in the development, according to specifications, of any specific reception base and frequently develops such products.

Gamme Fit-pc

In addition to its Computer-On-Module product lines for the OEM market, Compulab also markets very compact mini PCs using the same technologies: the Fit-PC range. ALCIOM is neither a reseller nor a distributor of Fit-PC products: For any small quantity orders, please use the online ordering site Fit-PC directly. On the other hand, ALCIOM is your contact for any industrial project requiring specific configurations for quantities exceeding 100 parts per year.


Some answers to frequently asked questions about Compulab. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

How much Compulab’s CoM modules cost ?

The prices of these modules, vary according to the options chosen, and start at $25US$.

Any specific configuration can be ordered with a minimum order of 100 identical parts. For smaller quantities (from 1 to 99), Compulab offers more expensive standard configurations as well as specific configurations that can be ordered in quantities of 100 because they are generally equipped with all options.

The purchase of an evaluation kit is a mandatory prerequisite for ordering unit modules.

Is ALCIOM a distributor of Compulab ?

No, we are Compulab’s representatives for France but not distributors. We are therefore at your disposal for any pre-sales support and to simplify your relations with this supplier, the financial and material flows as well as the after-sales technical support remaining directly managed by Compulab, in order to avoid any stacking of margins…

ALCIOM can also carry out, on specifications, specific developments around these products.

Is it possible to have a loan evaluation kit or a demonstration ?

All Compulab products are available in the form of evaluation kits. These kits are generally available within 48 hours, at prices ranging from $400 to $2000 depending on the model. This kit includes a complete hardware configuration, accessories (including for some products an LCD screen, a battery, Wifi antennas, etc.) and access for one year to Compulab technical support (including, if necessary, a free OS configuration service for the LCD screen of your choice).

The purchase of such a kit is a prerequisite before ordering any volume equipment, but these kits are fully refundable for 45 days if you decide not to continue for any reason whatsoever. See detailed conditions on the Compulab website

Can I order a card, without an evaluation kit? ?

The answer is no, see previous answer, at least not directly from Compulab or via Alciom. The purchase of an evaluation kit is considered essential as it includes the technical support contract.

What is the lifetime of these products ?

All Compulab CoM modules are guaranteed to be available for 5 years from the date of their launch. In the event of force majeure, Compulab offers a storage service for obsolete components and/or assembled modules. Details of the durability of each module are available on Compulab’s website.

What operating systems are supported ?

The operating systems supported by the various CoM Compulab modules are specified in the “develop” tab of the Compulab site’s product pages. The “OS support coverage map” table gives, for each OS, the functions supported or not by the drivers provided by Compulab. For Linux these drivers are all available in the image provided as standard and can be regenerated by the user. See also the wiki developer.

Can I use a CoM module alone ?

No, a CoM module is in the form of a daughter board and must be associated with a mother board (if necessary reduced to simple connection and power supply). Two solutions for this: either use one of the standard base cards offered by Compulab (SB range), or develop a specific base card adapted to your application. ALCIOM is of course at your disposal if you are looking for a partner to design this one.

Do you sell Fit-PC ?

No, except for orders of more than 100 pieces.

For more specific needs, the most effective solution is to order your Fit-PC directly via the website