Are you looking for a partner capable of designing and manufacturing the electronics for your product in a turnkey approach? Whether you want to remain in control of industrialization or be supported until the commercial launch, ALCIOM’s R&D offer will adapt to your needs, relying on our strong internal R&D for a time-to-market and a degree of innovation that meets your challenges.

For projects requiring a preliminary research phase and/or a feasibility study, our consulting and expertise services complete this offer.


As a fully independant contractor, ALCIOM can offer an optimal industrial organization according to the needs and specificities of each project, in particular according to the production volumes envisaged and the technical constraints. Example of services that can be provided by ALCIOM:

  • Preliminary studies (specifications, architecture study, numerical simulations, feasibility models if necessary)

  • Radio frequency & microwave design (antenna design and simulation, technological consulting, TX/RX chain architecture, microstrip filters and distributed components, custom amplifiers, system performance simulation)

  • Hardware design and development (selection of optimal parts, detailed schematic, mechanical pre-integration, optimized routing, integration and hardware validation)

  • Firmware development (low layers and drivers, communication protocols, signal processing algorithms, FPGA and DSP codes, microcontrollers, test applications)

  • Prototype assembly (supplies, assembly in our internal rapid prototyping cell or via an industrial partner, mechanical and plastics in 3D printing, antenna prototyping)

  • Validation and optimization (formal test plans, development of characterization and test tools, measurement and optimization of antennas, functional validation in our laboratories, CE pre-certification, certification assistance).

  • Industrial support (selection of the industrial partner by our customer and/or on ALCIOM’s recommendation, joint design reviews, testability analysis, file transfer, assistance in conducting calls for tenders)

  • Project management (delegated to ALCIOM or taken over by our client, project management assistance, technical and methodological support, acceptance assistance)


Radiofréquences et hyperfréquences

Since 2003, ALCIOM has developed prototypes of more than 100 innovative products: Connected objects, professional radio frequency equipment, microwave chains, medical devices, agricultural systems, terrestrial and satellite telecommunications, robotics, industrial systems, research equipment, optoelectronics, motor control, music and audio, home automation… Just five examples:

  • GrDF & SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT : Feasibility study, architecture study, turnkey development and validation of the reference design of the SDR (software defined radio) radio receiver for Wize networks, including all the necessary signal processing software. See press release (in french).

  • CEA : Feasibility study, technological brainstorming and development of an experimental prototype for the real-time Facquisition and processing of gamma spectroscopy signals (16-bit/100Msps acquisition, digital filtering on FPGA Virtex, transmission over Gigabit Ethernet link, effective continuous throughput of more than 750Mbps). This project has been selected as a reference partnership by the SMEPact, see press release: Reussites CEA-Alciom.pdf 2.20 MB (in french)

  • LEOSPHERE : architecture study, system architecture recommendations and development of several fast acquisition boards for atmospheric LIDAR (ADC 250Msps, signal processing on FPGA, several million FFT calculations per second)

  • ART-FI : architecture study, digital simulation and development of an industrial prototype for a microwave radiated field measurement system (three-stage heterodyne architecture, up to 13GHz, microstrips filters, high performance)

  • BOUYGUES TELECOM : feasibility study, architecture study and development of an experimental model for a very wide band radio field sensor for radiation protection applications (100MHz-3GHz)