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ALCIOM is a consulting and design house company specialized in mixed signal electronics, with a strong expertise in radiofrequencies and antennas. ALCIOM help you from feasibility studies and technology demonstrators up to commercial success of your projects through our network of industrial partners. ALCIOM is also a training center.






Thanks to its strong internal R&D, ALCIOM anticipates your needs. Our technological building blocks accelerate the time-to-market and performance of your products. ALCIOM has an outstanding laboratory, a guarantee of reactivity and quality of our services, confirmed by our numerous certifications. Finally, the ALCIOM team is the author of more than 100 publications.

R&D interne

Internal R&D




Profil Grands comptesAs a key account, ALCIOM supports your innovation department for your upstream projects in electronics and radio frequencies, bringing reactivity and startup spirit as well as strong multidisciplinary expertise. ALCIOM is of course CIR/CII approved and is also an SRC certified by BPI France.


ALCIOM has supported more than 100 startups in their innovative electronics projects. In addition to our technological expertise, we can therefore provide you with real field experience and a real understanding of your issues. As a CAPTRONIC and SRC expertise facility, certified by BPI FRANCE, we can also offer you adapted financing solutions.


As an SME, ALCIOM supports you in your projects to take a technological step forward, improve the performance of your products or simply provide you with expertise in your electronics R&D projects. As a CAPTRONIC centre of expertise, approved under the french CII and CIR tax programs, ALCIOM can also offer you financing adapted to your constraints.


Whether you are looking for specific expertise, technical support for your R&D teams or a partner who can carry out your turnkey project, do not hesitate to contact us.




March 25th, 2020|

It's not an easy time, but how about taking advantage of your confinement to train!Alciom organizes in partnership with Captronic a web-training session on April 2nd and 3rd "Power supplies and energy sources for connected [...]

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March 19th, 2020|

The Art of Voltage Probing

Alciom referenced Datadock

December 26th, 2019|

Since November 2019 Alciom is referenced at Datadock... What is being Datadock referenced? Datadock is a database allowing a training organisation to be recognised by OPCA by validating its capacity to carry out quality [...]

A 12th newsletter…

October 15th, 2019|

Read Alciom's 12th newsletter: You will discover our new organisation and our new talents.

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We had a very busy time trying to design for low cost, low power devices with display and 802.15.4 radio. [ALCIOM’s] team makes you feel very confident, understand your goals at light speed. Maybe because they are entrepreneur with passion and that’s a difference!”

Gabriel Chegaray, Galeha

«Robert Lacoste is a first-rate electrical engineer, editor, and author whose regular Circuit Cellar magazine column, “The Darker Side,” has been a reader favorite since 2007. He has the amazing ability to clarify some of the most hard-to-understand electrical engineering topics for his readers, who range from seasoned professional engineers to academics and students. He’s one part innovator, one part problem solver, and one part educator. And this is why so many engineers look forward to each of his articles. Simply put, Robert is an “engineer’s engineer,” the rare sort of technical expert who educates, inspires, and amazes professionals and academics with his grasp of EE theory, design, and programming. And thus our organization feels he has the talent to educate and excite the world’s best pro engineers and programmers»

CJ Abate, Circuit Cellar
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