• Thomas Demarne

    Thomas Demarne has joined ALCIOM in 2006. He is an ESME/SUDRIA graduate engineer, and has a wide scope of experiences from digital systems to radio frequency, protocols of communication, connected devices, high-speed electronics, signal processing and embedded software. From 2015 to 2019, Thomas started and managed Alciom’s South-West Director with his office based in Toulouse. Since September 2019 he is back at the headquaters and is our Managing Director.
    In May 2021, together with two other historical members of the company, he acquired 51% of the shares and became President of Alciom on 1 June 2021.

  • Robert Lacoste

    Robert Lacoste is graduated from Paris’ Ecole Polytechnique and ENSEEIHT engineering school. He has 25 years of experience in electronics, real time systems and telecommunications. CTO of ALCIOM during 5 years, he then joined NORTEL as operation and R&D/PLM director before founding ALCIOM in 2003. Winner of more than 15 international design contests, Robert is contributing editor to Circuit Cellar and Elektor magazines and author of numerous publications.
    In May 2021, he will sell 51% of Alciom’s shares to Thomas Demarne and two other historical employees. He will nevertheless remain very much involved in Alciom as a consultant/trainer (and 49% shareholder).

  • Paul Rousseau

    Paul Rousseau has joined ALCIOM in 2010. He is a diplomed CNAM Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications. Paul is one of our most experienced R&D engineers, with expertise ranging from RF to microcontrollers, from antenna design and optimization to wave guides. Since 2021, Paul is our CTO and provides technical and methodological support to our teams as well as to our customers.
    In May 2021, he will accompany Thomas Demarne in the purchase of 51% of Alciom’s shares.

  • Adeline Mermier

    Adeline Mermier joined ALCIOM in September 2013 and supports the team as Administrative and Financial Director. In particular, Adeline is in charge of the accounting and financial management of the company, and is the privileged interface for our customers, suppliers, banks and administrative partners.
    In May 2021, she will accompany Thomas Demarne in the purchase of 51% of Alciom’s shares.

  • Nicolas Matringe

    Nicolas Matringe joined ALCIOM in 2016. With an engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications (EPF), Nicolas is one of our experienced R&D engineers. Nicolas is an FPGA and ASIC expert, but is also working on several mixed signal and RF projects.

  • Solène Gadeau

    Solène Gadeau joined the ALCIOM team in September 2017 after completing a 3-month internship between June and September 2016. Graduated from ENSEIRB in 2017, Solène is an R & D engineer in electronics, radio frequency and microwaves. Solène has already managed several high-end projects including EM simulations and antenna & systems design up to 60GHz.

  • Cherif Hamouda

    Cherif Hamouda joined Alciom in May 2019. Holder of a Master 2 in High Frequency Communications Systems and a PhD in High Frequency Electronics, Cherif is our antenna design and optimization prime and is also electronic R&D engineer .

  • Vincent Le Gouis

    Vincent is graduated from Art et Metiers, and joined Alciom in 2020 as R&D engineer. In addition to broad competencies in electronic design and embedded software, Vincent has experiences in mecatronics and motor control.

  • Antoine Costani

    Antoine Costani joined the ALCIOM team in September 2019 after completing an internship with us. He is currently working at PHELMA Grenoble to obtain his engineering degree. At Alciom, he is working on several projects to enlarge his field of expertise and experience.

  • Previous team members

    We have also to thanks the nice people who spent some time with ALCIOM before going elsewhere : Yannick Avelino, Rachel Craveiro, Hicham Amara, Lucien Thiriet, Mehdi Khairy and Leana Boucher.

  • Internship

    ALCIOM had the pleasure to have the following interns :  Bertrand Achard (ESIEE, 2006), Joel Guittet (ENSEA, 2007), Vanuel Bellance (ENSEA, 2007), Laurent Goudet (ESIEE, 2008), Brahim Ndoumajoud (ENSEA, 2009), Céline Leseigneur (ESIGELEC, 2009), Raphael Vuaillat (IUT Ville d’Avray, 2010), Adelphe Mbimba (Université Jules Verne Amiens, 2012), Thibault Chevalier (IUT Ville d’Avray, 2014), Lucas Le Chevalier (Mines Saint Etienne, 2015), Grégoire Zeisser (IUT Ville d’Avray, 2015), Anissa Makouf (IUT Ville d’Avray, 2015), Guillaume Carry (BTS Lycée Jules Ferry, 2018) … and nearly all members of the current team who started as interns !