An advanced power analyzer

This product is an advanced energy analyzer, with performance and features unmatched on the market.

Ultra-flexible and powerful

  • One device, 2 modes : Autonomous data logging mode, or real time mode

  • In data logging mode, periodic measurement of U, I, P (RMS and peak to peak) and line frequency, storage on internal memory (4 GB), CSV export

  • In a real time mode, a real oscilloscope : U, I and P waveforms, RMS and peak, Q, S, power factor, crest factor, frequency, THD, automatic triggering or on threshold (U, I or P)

  • Advanced triggering, period per period calculated RMS values or U, I and P

  • Statistics, energy accumulation, U/I curve, HTML configurable reports

  • Harmonic analysis and automatic comparison with IEC IEC 61000-3-2 v2.2 Classes A, B, C et D)


  • Energy audits and expertises, power line quality surveys

  • Analysis of the consumptions for in service/sleep mode power equipments

  • Evaluation and optimization of power supplies, education

  • EMC pre-qualification and environmental standards (ErP, EnergyStar,…)

Powerful and Open

  • 90 to 240V AC, 1mA to 6A RMS, 10mW to 1300W, 45 to 65Hz

  • Integration and loggging from 1 minute to 20ms !

  • One month of storage with a resolution of 20ms, up to 20 years (5s)

  • 1% precision, reliable measurement of very low powers (16 bits resolution)

  • High speed acquisition (256 measurements per period up to 16,64Ksps)

  • Factory or user calibration, possibility to restore the factory calibration

  • Bluetooth link between the PowerSpy2 and your PC, no safety hazard

  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 Compatible

Economic and ecological

  • Designed and manufactured in France, eco-designed, global consumption of only 1W

  • Recommanded price : 239€ HT / unit (Powerspy2 4GB version, PC software and USB Bluetooth dongle included)

  • Our distributors : Lextronic, Jeulin, Testoon (F), The Debug Store (UK). See contact information here under


Some answers on frequently asked questions on PowerSpy2, Smart488 and Compulab’s products. Of course don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

What is the difference between the PowerSpy2 and a classical low cost powermeter ?

First, the PowerSpy2 allows to get precise measurements of low powers, down to 10mW, whereas classical power meters have a far lower sensititivy. This is key to measure standby currents of electronic equipments.

Then, the PowerSpy2 not only measure an RMS power, but is a real oscilloscope and allows to analyse current and voltage waveforms. So it provides far more advanced features than usual powermeters : harmonic distorsion measurement, optimisation of AC/DC switching power supplies, etc. The Bluetooth interface allows also automatic and configurable report generation.

Finally, PowerSpy2 can operate in autonomous data logging mode with performance and features unmatched on the market: voltage, current and power can be recorded by example every 20 milliseconds and for over a month!

Is the PowerSpy2 as good as a high end power analyzer ?

The PowerSpy2 is even better than the majority of equipment costing more than ten times more expensive, especially for measuring low power, applications for which PowerSpy2 was particularly optimized. Product flexibility, thanks to its software approach based on offset processing on the PC, allows more interesting analysis and publishing reports. Therefore, more traditional products are a priority for the measurement of high power (> 1kw) as well as electro-technical applications requiring three phase analyzes.

Can I use the PowerSpy2 to measure very low currents and powers, for example for equipments in standby ?

Clearly yes. The PowerSpy2 allows to precisely measure powers down to some tens of milliwatts.

Should I install the supplied Bluetooth drivers ?

NO, Windows has built-in Bluetooth drivers since XP.

What is the maximum distance of the Bluetooth link ?

It is very dependant on the Bluetooth module used on the PC side. With the supplied Bluetooth dongle the usual coverage is a couple of meters, as the Bluetooth interface first function is to provide a safe galvanic insulation.

What are the improvements of software V2.0 ?

Version 2.0 supports both the PowerSpy1 and PowerSpy2. Functions return data files have been added, as well as several performance improvements.

PowerLog software

The powerSpy2 analyzer can be used either in real time mode or in data logging mode. In order to facilitate the analysis of the generated log files, ALCIOM has developped the PowerLog windows software.

  • Automated import of PowerSpy2 log files

  • Interactive plot of voltage, current, power, peak and RMS, frequency)

  • User selection of the time area to analyze

  • Automated selection of time areas based on multicriteria (overvoltage, voltage dips, frequency variation out of limits, current or power peaks, etc)

  • Automated calculation of integral measurements on selected areas

  • Statistics

  • Data and chart export

Our distributors / PowerSpy2

Localisation PowerSpy2 distributors
FRANCE lextronic
UK, IRELAND and EU Countries

Downloads / PowerSpy2

Available files for downloading PDF links
Installation and user manual, version 01.01 (French version) rl1236-004 powerspy2 manuel utilisateur v0101.pdf
Installation and user manual, version 01.01 (English version) rl1236-004 powerspy2 user manual  v0101.pdf
PowerLog complementary software user manual (french version) ALTD1414-002 PowerLog Manuel utilisateur Fr V1.pdf
PowerLog software V1.3 beta for windows XP/VISTA/7 Install PowerLog v1.3_beta.zip
PowerSpy software V2.03 beta for windows XP/VISTA/7, french version PowerSpy_win_2_03FR_beta2.zip
Powerspy software 2.02 for Windows XP/VISTA/7, French version (usable in mode demonstration without any PowerSpy interface) InstallPowerspyWindows202FR.zip
Powerspy software V2.02 for Windows XP/VISTA/7, English version (usable in mode demonstration without any PowerSpy interface) SetupPowerspyWindows202EN.zip
CE Certificate of conformity (electrical safety) powerspy2 ce conformity.pdf
Powerspy Protocol Specification LG0838-003 powerspy protocol specification 1G.pdf