A high performance and open Wize module, the ideal solution for fast development of any product compatible with Wize ultra long range LPWAN networks (169MHz)

Wize’Up concept

The open source Wize solution

  • Open-hardware design, provided by ALCIOM to the community under Permissive CERN-OHL v2 licence

  • Developped as part of a grant contrat funded by the Wize Alliance

  • Compatible with the open-source Wize protocol stack available independently from GrDF

  • Full schematics, bill of materials, Gerbers and validation reports available free of charge from ALCIOM web site

  • Assembled & tested modules and evaluation kits available from ALCIOM

  • Complementary hardware customization, support and antenna design services available from ALCIOM

High performances design

  • >+25dBm output power, >-120dBm sensitivity in WM2400, 10%PER

  • 3,6V to 4,2V power supply, direcly compatible with LiSoCl2 primary batteries

  • 2,5V logic level for best in class power consumption + sleep mode

  • Flexible external interfaces : UART + I2C + 6 generic digital or analog I/Os

  • Module size 38x28mm, SMT and PTH compatible, optional shield

  • STM32L451CEU6 micro-processor (Cortex M4, 512KB flash, 160KB RAM, RTC)

  • Additionnal 1Mb serial EEPROM

  • ADF7030-1 transceiver and SKY66121-11 front-end, on-module TCXO

  • ESD protection and filtering of the antenna port

  • EN300220-4 precompliance report provided by ALCIOM for information

Flexible integration

  • Wize’Up design (schematic and/or routing) can be easily cut & pasted in any custom Wize-compatible design

  • Wize’Up module can be bough from ALCIOM or manufactured by anyone freely and directly used in the product

  • Module can be soldered to the board (SMT) or plugged on 0.1inch headers for easy prototyping

  • Application software can either run on the module or on an external application processor, using the open AT command interface developped by ALCIOM and integrated in GRDF open source Wize Stack

  • Support and customization services available from ALCIOM

Download area

Available file for download PDF link
AT interface specification RL2031-008 wizeup AT command specification 1E
Hardware reference manual, including schematics and bill of material for WIze’Up module and standard base board RL2107-007 wizeup technical manual 1F
Gerbers files for Wize’Up module ALSG 2012 014 – Wizeup – 1H – CADCAM
Gerbers files for standard base board (evaluation) ALSG 2013 003 – Baseboard_WizeUp – 1E – CADCAM
Validation report and EN300220-4 precertification report ALRL 2107 008 WIZUP – Hardware validation Wizup module V1A – compact